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Terms & Conditions


These conditions are applicable to every client who books the Brochure Tour or any Special Tours or any Travel arrangement.
* Subject to RBI/GOI regulations.
Lotus Trans Travels while undertaking tours, transportation, hotel accommodation and other services act only as an agent on the clear undertaking that it shall not be, in any way, responsible or liable for any accident damage, loss delay or Inconvenience caused in connection with the travel facilities arranged by the Company, its employees or agents. Rate quoted are subject to change without notice in Foreign Exchange rate or transport or hotel Tariff or Airfare. All booking are accepted and executed with utmost care yet no responsibility is undertaken for any change or deviation on account of factors beyond our control.


Our Brochure descriptions are of services normally available. However, circumstances can changed due to events beyond our control. Road works, changes of management in property or restaurant, closures of the same or unavailability of hotel accommodation in a particular location when booked for major events such as international fairs, sporting events, political functions, summit meetings, or over booking by the hotel etc. In such case arrangement shall be made for the Client such as a route change, other alternative hotels/restaurants or hotels/restaurants in ones than mentioned.

Departure times are supplied by the carrier. They are subject to, interalia, air traffic control restrictions, weather conditions, the need for constant maintenance, and the ability of passengers to check in on time. There is no guarantee that departures will take place at the time shown either in this Brochure or in your tickets. Lotus Trans Travels does not have any liability for any delays which may arise. Further your dealing with all carriers, some of which may limit or exclude liability. Where we are in a position to do so, we will give your information before you book concerning the airline do which you will fly and your airport of destination.


Lotus Trans Travel facilities processing of Visas and other travel formalities but is not responsible for delays or refusal by the Embassies’ Consulted. Some European and North American Consulates require personal presence of the applicant.


* Company reserves the right to change the Food and Beverage arrangements on Tours and the time of service, if circumstances make it necessary to do so. The meals are preset. A choice of menu is not available.


We suggest you to take your holiday spending money partly in currency, partly in Travellers Cheques. Traveller Cheques are safe to carry and if lost or stolen can be replaced subject to conditions that are specified by the cheque issuing organisation.


Hotels to be provided on Tours would be those indicated on the FINAL TOUR Exchange order or of a similar category. All Tours are seat-in-coach/van basis, unless specified.


Tipping for services rendered (e.g. por ters,coach driver etc.) is customary in all parts of the world. Unless otherwise recommended the clients may presume that Tips payable would be equivalent to One US Dollar per day per client (for Groups).


It shall be the duty of the client to inform Lotus Trans Travels of any medical condition that may affect his/her ability to pursue the tour arrangements. It is recommended that a MEDIVLAIM Insurance Policy be taken in the unlikely event of any health problems. Please ask us for details.


* Client travelling by air will be subject to the airlines restrictors/Limitation on baggage weight/size/number.
* All baggage and personal effects are at all times and in all circumstances the responsibility of the clients.


Booking Form (available with our office) should be completed, signed and returned to the Company by the client along with Non-refundable Interest Free Deposit of Rs. 10,000/- per client (whether adult or child) for all International Tours. The full balance amount of Tour Cost including the US $ component must be deposited with the Company at least thirty days before the departure of the Tour. The deposit amount will be adjusted towards the Tour Arrangement Cost.


* The Company shall not be any manner liable to the client in the event that the tour is required to be cancelled either in full or in part before or after its commencement due to Force Majeure or strike, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, acts of God, Natural or nuclear disaster, fire adverse weather conditions, level or water, technical or schedules or operational decisions of transport providers closure of airports or any unforeseeable or unavoidable event beyond our control.

* The Company shall not be in any manner liable if the client fails to join the Tour or joins the Tour late or after joining the Tour is unable to travel throughout with the group and to follow the itinerary in part or full. This may be due to non-availability of essential Travel Documents such as the Passport, Visa or clearances, Medical Clearances/Certificates. Medical Insurance or due to any reason whatsoever including their loss due to theft, eviction by a hotel airline or transport provider or is detained by the authorities, or is not permitted to enter any country or to travel with in the country and as a result misses the Tour or any part thereof.

* Clients are advised not to carry any valuables like jewellery, antiques, electronic equipments etc. on the Tour. Clients carrying the same shall do so at their own risk.

* Tour price is subject to change, should airfare and Exchange Rates after and should there be any increase in cost of services abroad including increase taxes.


The Company reserves the absolute right to cancel any Tour or Travel Arrangement any time without prior notice without assigning any reason. In such case the Client will not be entitled to any compensation, damages, or interest on the deposit amount on Tour cost paid by the Client.


* The request of cancellation of Tour Arrangement by the Client shall be entertained only if it is communicated in writing at the Tours Headquarters in New Delhi of the Company, duly signed by each of the clients who signed the Booking Form.

* The computation of the period of Notice of Cancellation shall commence only from the time the written request for cancellation reaches the company at its office in New Delhi.

* In addition to the forfeiture of the deposit amount, Cancellation charges will be levelled Notice of Cancellation is received less than 30 days prior to the departure of the Tour.

* Is the Client does not pay his reminder of the amount by the 30th day before departure of the Tour, the Client automatically forfeits the Non-refundable interest Free Deposit amount and his place on the respective Tour and will have to pay and VISA costs that will be extra.

No of days prior to departure applicable to Written cancellation application is received By the Company Amount of Cancellation charges in % on total tour price must be paid by the Guest
More than 60 days /- Registration Amount Rs 1000 (Non refundable) or 10 % of the Tour cost whichever is higher.
60-46 days 15%
45-31 days 25%
30-15 days 50%
14-04 days 60%
03-01 day 80%
On the day of Departure 100%
100% 100%
Above cancellation charges will apply on the total tour price INR + Forex.
Additional Service/Deviation will be charge extra.

Any dispute arising from the interpretation of the issues and conditions will be referred to arbitration in terms of Arbitration and Cancellation Act, 1956. The jurisdiction of all such proceedings will be New Delhi.

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